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Why Choose Australian Mortgage Centre

Australian Mortgage Market Australian Mortgage Centre is a 100% Australian owned and operated online mortgage broking & loan support business totally committed to helping you obtain a better deal on your home loan or any finance requirement in today's australian mortgage market.

   Through our complete industry accreditations and strong partner association with well over 60 different standard and specialty home loan lenders, non-conforming lenders & private funders, we are able to offer feature-packed aussie homeloans, with some of the lowest interest variable and fixed rates. A number of these products also include no ongoing account keeping fees, monthly or annually.

   Our team of mortgage professionals are completely industry certified, so you will feel confident that you are working with a qualified and knowledgeable consultant who has met a high standard of ethics and is committed to continuous training.

    We offer our clients personal and professional service. At AMC we work for you, not for the lender. We try to negotiate the best possible interest rates and terms for our clients. You have peace of mind in knowing that we are looking out for your best interest.

   We are constantly in touch with the Australian Mortgage Market, seeking the lowest rates available and the best terms for our clients.

   Our respected dealings with every major bank, second tier institutional mortgage lenders as well as Non Bank home loan lenders, enables us to match the lender to your needs, rather than you to the lender’s needs, wherever possible.

   This means that our clients receive great rates, great service and sound advice, all paid for by the lender. Our mortgage professionals have years of experience and are familiar with the majority of credit assessors in the industry, which allows us the advantage to negotiate directly with the credit assessors on your behalf.

   Applying through the Australian Mortgage Centre, the one complete file is kept and can be processed to any number of subsequent lenders without you, the borrower, having to resubmit information each time. This saves a great deal of time and energy on your behalf.

   Australian Mortgage Centre consultants at times will do a credit check with the credit bureau at the time of application. Our lenders will accept our copy of the credit bureau in lieu of doing their own.

   We will endeavor to help you find the Lowest Mortgage Rates from the best mortgage lenders!

   Your Best Online Mortgage Partner for Tomorrow's Finance Today!




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