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We help you find the Lowest Fixed Mortgage Rates from the Best Mortgage Lenders!

Our Standard Mortgage Product List:

Home Improvement Loan
Basic Variable Loan
Standard Variable Loan
Introductory Home Loan (Honeymoon)
Fixed Rate Loan
Low-Doc Loan
Commercial Loan
Investment Loan
Line of Credit Loan
Split Loan or Split Fixed Loan
Off Set Home Loan
Equity Home Loan
First Home Buyers Loan
Credit Impaired loan
Personal Loan
Owner-Builder Loan
Debt Consolidation Loan


Home Improvement Loan

Home improvement mortgages are home loans used to finance improvements on your house or property. These loans are used to maintain or increase the value of your home. This can include repairs, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, an extension or general property improvements.

Landscape improvements and swimming pools can also in many cases be considered home improvement. Generally, all actions that can be considered to increase the value of the property in such a way that it increases the expected sales value of the home or the property are to be considered home improvements.
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Basic Variable Loan

Basic variable rate loans are sometimes referred to as the 'no frills' alternative to the standard variable rate loans. The interest rate is lower than a standard variable loan, making them attractive to the budget conscious borrower.

This lower variable rate however comes with fewer features. These loans normally have no ongoing fees associated with it.
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Standard Variable Loan

These loans are a variable rate product that offer extra features such as a 100% offset account. If your loan size is large enough, many lenders will offer considerable discounts on the standard variable rate.

Lenders usually use their standard variable interest rate as the 'benchmark rate' and many of their other products are on an interest rate that is a set margin either above or below it, e.g. a basic variable product may always be 0.70% below the standard variable rate and a line of credit may always be 0.1% above it. [Apply Now]

OffSet Home Loan

Is an offset home loan for you?

So what is an offset home loan? which some lenders also refer to as a 100% offset home loan.

If you want to pay off your home loan sooner, a mortgage offset facility can be a quick and simple finance option.

A mortgage offset loan product is simply a savings account that is linked to your home loan account.

Unlike an all-in-one loan that combines your credit card with your transaction accounts, an offset account works like a regular savings account. It allows you to deposit all of your income into the loan account, and then to draw upon some of this money to make routine purchases and other day to day transactions.

The longer the excess funds remain in your loan account, the greater the interest savings. The big difference is that the balance in the savings account is offset against that owing on the mortgage. The interest rate on the offset account is the same as that on the loan it is linked too.

Over time, your continual savings in your offset account can help to reduce the loan principal, allowing you to pay off your loan much sooner or build up home equity for any future investment or personal funding.

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Introductory Home Loan (Honeymoon loan)

An Introductory Variable Rate loan generally offers a guaranteed low rate for an initial period of time (usually 12 months) after which most interest rates will revert to the Standard Variable Rate. It is Ideal for those wishing to take advantage of lower initial repayments. [Apply Now]

Fixed Rate Loan

Fixed rate loans are funds lent over a set term at a set interest rate. This gives the borrower the certainty of knowing exactly what their monthly repayments will be should their circumstances change.

Some lenders may impose early repayment penalties if you make a lump sum reduction to your loan or you pay the loan out in full. However, a fixed rate loan is ideal in a rising interest rate market as this guarantees you of your interest rate and repayments for a set time. [Apply Now]

First Home Buyers Loan

The 1st first buyers home loan is a fully featured variable or fixed rate home loan to assist with the purchase, of an owner-occupied residential property.

It has the ability to be split to incorporate both a variable and fixed portion as part of the loan facility. It is designed for customers who are seeking full flexibility and features in their very first home loan. [More Info]

Lo-Doc Loan

Low Documentation (or No documentation) loans are designed for the self-employed or small company borrower whose financial statements may not be available for many different reasons (eg Accountant hasn't completed their financials).

The borrower must have a sizeable deposit or equity in existing real estate property. Generally, most lenders lend a maximum of 80% of the property value with mortgage insurance applying above 60%. These loans are usually a variable rate and offer most of the features and benefits attached to the lender's standard variable rate loan product.

A Low Doc Loan can be just as competitive as a full documentation loan, however they provide less hassle as the borrower doesn't have to provide the lender income documentation.
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Equity Home Loan

A home equity loan allows you as a homeowner to get a loan by using the equity in your home as collateral. The equity consists of whatever funds you have invested in your property in order to own it or improve it.

Since it is a debt against your own property, which you are in actual possession of, a home equity loan is a secured debt.

A home equity loan can be obtained in a lump sum or used as a revolving home equity line of credit. An equity home loan gives you a line of credit on your mortgage up to an approved amount. The loan can be taken in full or in stages, making it particularly useful for renovating or investing.

A home equity loan can be either of the following:

• A fixed rate mortgage

• A variable rate mortgage [More Info]

Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation is the process of consolidating a number of high interest rate bearing smaller debts into a single loan with the intention of reducing the amount of set repayments and the costs of the applicable interest.

There are numerous effective debt consolidation loans that are available which if applied correctly could save you thousands of dollars each and every month.

One of the most successful and effective of these is to use the available equity in your home or investment security in order to consolidate other, high monthly interest debts such as:

• credit cards
• personal loans
• car loans
• store cards
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Commercial Loan

A commercial mortgage is similar to a regular residential loan except that the loan is applied to a purchase of commercial property. Commercial property generally includes retail shops or offices, warehouses and factory units.

Commercial mortgages are handled the same way as regular residential mortgages in that lenders want to ensure that their money will be making them more money. They will want to certify that the property being targeted is worth their investment and that the borrower’s credentials are trustworthy.

Finding the right lender is the next step and that is where we come in. We do more than just find the right lender for our clients; we also offer support, information and advice. Commercial property can be a great investment if well located and properly managed.
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Investment Loan

A investment mortgage is similar to a regular residential loan except that the loan is applied to a purchase of an income producing investment property.

Investing in property can be a great method for achieving financial freedom. An investment mortgage is typically used, because the tax benefits towards the investment is directly related to the borrowings and the associated costs i.e. when you maximise the borrowings you maximise the tax benefits and most importantly by structuring your total financing arrangements allows you to maximise your financial situation. .

Finding the right lender is the next step and that is where we come in. We do more than just find the right lender for our clients; we also offer support, information and advice. An investment property can be a great long term investment if well located and properly managed.
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Line of Credit

A Line of Credit provides a borrower with access to the equity in their home or investment properties whenever they wish for any worthwhile purpose. It is similar to an overdraft facility in that funds can be withdrawn up to the original loan approved amount at anytime.

The interest rate on a Line of Credit facility is usually a variable rate that fluctuates with the market. A borrower can generally access their Line of Credit via a Cheque Book, Credit Card, ATM, Phone and Internet. A Line of Credit provides a borrower with easy access to funds ensuring peace of mind in times of need.
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Split Loan or Split Fixed loan

A split loan is ideal for a borrower who wishes to have two loan products rather than one. An example is a borrower who wants to take advantage of fixed rate loan products in combination with a variable rate loan product.

The borrower can fix in portion of their loan to provide stability of interest rate and repayment but still allowing themselves the flexibility to make additional and lump sum repayments on the variable portion of the loan. A quality loan product that allows mortgage holders to hedge their repayments in times of rate uncertainty and increases.
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Credit-Impaired Loan

At some point in the past, a borrower may have experienced difficulty in meeting their monthly commitments due to lack of work, suffered unexpected business losses or had a difference of opinion with a former credit provider.

Unfortunately, in these cases the former credit provider may have lodged a payment default (or black mark) on their credit report with a credit recording agency. When applying for finance, a default lodged on a credit report may cause some frustration as a lender may not take an understanding view of the borrower’s explanation surrounding the default.

Credit-Impaired Loans are designed especially to assist a borrower in these circumstances. Usually these loans incur an extra interest rate margin and possibly extra fees and charges.
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Personal Loans

A personal loan is borrowed to meet personal needs. It can be for a wide variety of purposes and can start from as low as $5000. A personal loan is an effective and safe option for anyone who wants to borrow a small amount of money.

Personal loans generally have lower interest rates than credit cards and enjoy fast approval. Clean credit is required however if you have bad credit we will require security. Personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes including:

* Debt Consolidating
* Need a holiday and want to travel
* Need to update your furniture
* Paying off high interest rate credit cards
* Education expenses
* Medical expenses
* Unexpected personal expenses
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Owner-Builder Loan

A specialized mortgage product facility for the purpose of funding towards the construction of your own home. Tighter lending restrictions do apply with added documentation necessary for assessment approval.

Every lender has its certain borrowing guidelines toward these types of mortgages. Australian mortgage centre will locate the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Procedures with Owner-Builder Loans;

When you are building your own home, valuing the project is an important part of securing your home loan. This can make organising the required finance a complex matter, as the lender must be able to determine the final value of your property once all construction is finished. To arrange a valuation, the lender will require the following from you:

• If you are building as an owner builder, you will need to supply a fully completed "Owner Builder Estimate of Construction Costs" form, PLUS your written schedule of progress payments. This schedule should show how much money you will need as you build and when.

*It should also detail the works you intend completing at each stage. This will assist the lenders valuer in assessing the projected cash flow. Your lender will review this schedule, with the progress payments subject to negotiation. Other things you will need to supply include:

•Council approved plans and specifications, along with any conditions of approval specified by the local council.

• Written details of any work that is to be carried out by you as owner-builder or family, friends and subcontractors. This should include all trades such as plumbing, electrical work, bricklaying, carpentry, roof tiling, wall and floor tiling, gas fitting, painting and concreting.

Make sure you highlight the works to be carried out at no cost, and details any works to be completed at a discounted rate by you, your family or friends. You will also need to supply a complete costing of the works to be subcontracted to qualified tradesmen (please include copies of written quotes).

•Written details of where you intend to purchase the building materials, the credit terms available and copies of any trade labour cost and quotes already arranged

•Evidence of your savings you will be using to fund construction to the stage when the lender will release the loan funds.

• Your current Owner Builders’ permit.

• Evidence of current All Risks Insurance

We help you find the Lowest Fixed Mortgage Rates from the Best Mortgage Lenders!
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