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Bad Credit Finance / Specialist Non Conforming Loans
Bad Credit Finance for most individuals signifies that you find it far more difficult to obtain the home loan, credit card, or the personal loan you require because of your current personal Credit Rating.

Do any of the following apply to YOU?

    Arrears On Current Mortgage
    Bad Credit Defaults Paid or Unpaid
    Unpaid Outstanding Bills
    Overlimit Credit Cards
    Debt Negotiation Required
    Need Debt Consolidation and Bank said NO!
    Refinance Mortgage Arrears Before Bank Takes Your Home

In Australia, Bad Credit Loans is usually the domain of the Specialist Non-Conforming Lenders.

At the Australian Mortgage Centre we are the registered service providers for a good number of these specialist lenders who are on our direct panel of Non-Conforming Funders. While unsecured loans are not always readily available to people with a bad credit history – there are a number of secured loan mortgage options which one of our credited consultants can discuss and help represent your application for funding.

Regardless, if you have a bad credit file, using a significant asset (house car etc.) that you are willing to place as collateral against the loan (secured loan) will allow you a greater chance towards qualifying for a loan.

It is important to realise that while bad credit loans are available, and they can help you, one must remember a few things. Generally, the interest rates will be higher on these loans. This is reasonable and expected since these Non Conforming Specialist lenders assume a somewhat higher level of risk. However, taking this step could improve your financial health and eventually help you to rebuild your personal credit rating back again.

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